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1 (306) 761 0933


  • Are all of your plumbers certified?

    Surely! Each our plumber is thoroughly background checked, highly trained, and certified! Each is able to successfully manage any plumbing issue according to the highest industry standards.

  • Is routine maintenance necessary for new heating installations?

    Yes, regular maintenance is vital even for new systems to ensure optimal performance, extend the system's lifespan, and maintain the manufacturer's warranty.

  • How do I detect a gas leak in my home or business?

    Look for signs like a distinctive rotten egg smell, hissing sounds near gas lines, or dying plants indoors. If you suspect a leak, evacuate immediately and call emergency services.

  • Can you assist with converting appliances to natural gas or propane?

    Yes, we specialize in converting appliances to natural gas or propane. Our technicians ensure safe and efficient conversions for various appliances.

  • How can I improve indoor air quality along with heating services?

    We offer integrated solutions, including advanced filters and ventilation systems, to enhance indoor air quality alongside your heating system.

  • What measures can I take to avoid leaks in the pipes of my home?

    If you suspect a leak in your apartment, a simple self-inspection can be conducted. Start by noting your water meter reading, wait for a few hours, and then check it again. If you observe a change in the reading, there might be a leak. In such cases, reach out to Leroy Moody, and our skilled plumbers will promptly handle the situation.

  • Are your ventilation systems environmentally friendly?

    Yes, we offer eco-friendly ventilation options, including energy-efficient systems and those with advanced filtration to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability.

  • Can you install ventilation systems in existing buildings?

    Yes, we specialize in retrofitting ventilation systems into existing structures. Our solutions are customized to fit various spaces, ensuring effective air circulation.

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