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One question I have been asked a lot in the past few weeks.

My bathroom sink smells like really musty water, and the stink only happens when the water is running. But the water itself doesn’t smell. The sink doesn’t appear to be clogged.

“The only thing that has worked temporarily is pouring bleach down it”


_Take out the drain plug or stopper and look down the drain pipe for gunk. Clean it out with a coat  hanger if possible.

– Pour bleach down the drain and overflow drain to kill anything growing in there.

– Get a large bowl or bucket. Fill it with water. Quickly pour all the water down the drain. at once. The goal is to fill the basin and displace all/any water in the overflow drain and trap. Sometimes there can be nasty things in there that float so they don’t go through the trap, and this forces them out the drain pipe.

Try these steps if smell persists all the time you may need to call a professional. You could have a venting issue that will have to be repaired by a qualified plumber.