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If you haven’t had your furnace looked at in the past year or two you may be at risk for a cold home. Always hire qualified heating contractor when it comes to your gas fired appliances.

All furnaces burn some type of fuel to create heat. Cracks and leaks around the combustion area could compromise your family’s safety, as a furnace can leak poisonous gas, like Carbon Monoxide, into the home. Having  your furnace heat exchanger checked for cracks, your gas burner assembly cleaned and gas valve calibrated is vital for your family’s safety.

Change your furnace filter at least every three months

Check your chimney for obstructions. Check venting on high efficient furnaces for snow build up, nests and debris.

Make sure your condensate line is clear of debris or sludge to prevent premature inducer motor failure.

Remove blower and clean blower wheel. Lubricate moving parts if applicable.

These are only a few but probably the most important things that should be checked annually on your furnace